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Maccabi organisations and Maccabi Clubs have played a key role in the life of the Jewish community in Australia for decades. As the largest Jewish grass-roots organisation in Australia, Maccabi boasts a 90+ year heritage, 9000 members, 52 sporting clubs, and an estimated 35,000 supporters across the country.

But ….. Maccabi is not keeping pace

There is a lifestyle focus on fitness and health
Organised sports continue to decline with growth in flexible physical activity
Availability and accessibility of health and wellbeing content continues to increase

Not to mention…the community continues to tackle

  • Childhood obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyles
  • Screen addiction
  • Drug and alcohol addiction
  • Mental health issues
  • Diabetes
  • Declining heart health
  • Increased levels of cancer

Enter…Maccabi LIFE….A new & unique set of programs and activities for the community that provides:

  • Access to health & wellbeing content from the best minds in the country
  • Access & support to education, seminars, workshops & unstructured sports activities for those in the community who want to get healthier & stronger
  • A loyalty program with rewards, discounts on health & wellbeing products & services

What this means for you

The launch of Maccabi Life presents the following opportunities:

  • FREE access to quality health and wellness information
  • A FREE health assessment tool to measure your true wellness
  • A FREE and comprehensive encyclopedia of health and health related items,
  • Access to program of events over the course of the year including key note speakers, training sessions and seminars on relevant and current health topics
  • Participation in unstructured sporting opportunities from, for example walking groups through to walking tours of China and cycling tours of Poland
  • A health and activity tracker – earn points as you educate yourself and get active 
  • A soon to be launched membership and loyalty program where your points earned can be used to gain access to discounts at major retailers and businesses - Mid September

Your family’s health is in the balance – doing nothing is not an option.

The facts are clear.  Our current lifestyle choices are resulting in

  • Heightened levels of inactivity
  • Ever-increasing chronic diseases &
  • Poor health & wellbeing outcomes

Join us to see how Maccabi is responding to these critical life challenges.

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