Results and report for Biathlon 7th December 2014


Report (a personal perspective)

by Deb Shapira

A warm, humid and most importantly, sunny, morning greeted the 6 adult starters and 2 juniors at the Murray Rose Pool (aka Redleaf). I'd got there in good time but had forgotten that I hadn't actually been there since my Nana took me there in the late 1950's so I had to mess about looking for parking and where this place actually was. Fortunately, Alan was already there plus a crew making an ad(?) and eventually others turned up. We welcomed newcomer, Warren Aronstan, at his first attempt at a multisport event. After Alan explained to me 6x what the course entailed we were all about to set off when I realised I had carefully packed my swim cap and goggles in a different bag to the one I had brought with me but Larry Cohen kindly lent me his while he wore his young daughter's. So off we swam across the pool six times. I had someone swimming alongside me (Simon I think) and I am sorry if I led you astray because my stupid hair (no cap) kept getting in the way and I couldn't really see where I was going. However after such a long lay-off I was pleased not to drown and finished the swim in around 15 mins and was more pleased that I didn't crash into the pontoons or the walls. Then it was a big climb out to NSH Road and at first the going was pretty good, after all I ran the City to Surf 4 months ago. Following instructions, halfway up Heartbreak Hill, I turned left and then followed the road around to a street which can be best described as a vertical wall back to NSH Rd. Indeed, I was actually looking for climbing ropes there. Naturally all the boys were well and truly on their way back before I turned off with Alan, fresh from his great  1/2 IM race the week before showing the way in front closely followed by an in-form Steven and Simon putting in a good run for 3rd place.

Zac Madievsky and Ella Cohen had a fun enduro format race withion the confines of the park swim, run, swim and run when the boys came back. Also many thanks to them for being gear minders while we were running.

Such a fun thing to do, you all must put it in your calendars to do next year.