About our Swim/Run Event

This event is held at Redleaf pool (adjacent to the Woollahra Council chambers on New South Head Rd) annually, comprising a swim of 600 metres and a run of approximately 6.5k - please refer to the maps on this page. Next event will be held in Nov-Dec 2014.

There is one change to the swim route from that shown on the map. At the end of lap 6 of the swim, the diagram shows the swimmer returning to the beach (see blue line). However, this means swimmers would reach transition with their feet covered in sand. Instead, at the end of lap 6, swimmers will climb the set of metal stairs to the wooden walkway which surrounds the pool. You will see on the map a triangular area near the set of stairs on the right hand side of the pool which will serve as the transition area. Swimmers can put on their running shoes there, so will only need a towel to quickly dry off the feet.

The run route takes you along New South Head Rd, through Rose Bay shopping centre and up the 'S' bend. At Tivoli Avenue, turn left down the hill until you reach Bayview Hill Rd, where you turn right and run (very steeply) uphill back to New South Head Rd, whereupon you turn right again and return along New South Head Rd back to Redleaf.

Competitors can compete individually, or as part of a team of 2 members.

Race entry fees are $10 for members and $20 for non-members - a team counts as one for this purpose. Juniors are entitled to a 50% discount off the normal rate. However, the club committee has decided that the race fees should be donated to a charity (to be decided - suggestions welcome) for disabled kids.

Please aim to arrive by 6.45am for a 7am start.

The event may also be held on future dates through the season - watch this space.


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