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Results from the Triathlon 21st July

Posted: 24-Jul-2019 by Triathlon And Cycle Club

A small field gathered for our first winter triathlon of the season.  Participants were all reasonably apprehensive on the effects on how the winter but sunny morning will affect the race.  Jumping into the pool for a warm up lap put all at ease as the heated water temperature was rather pleasant. 

Craig Pager lead the field out of the pool, followed by Mike Evans, Julian Rifkin and Stephen Brown close behind.  The first transition was a bit slower than normal as competitors put layers on to ensure they were prepared for the winter morning. All competitors held their position through to the end of the cycle, slightly extending their leads to the athletes behind them.  Pager further extended his lead through the run to take the win.  In the meantime Evans held of the charge from Rifkin to take 2nd place.  Brown had a great race to finish off the morning events for the adults. 

In the junior race we had one very brave competitor, Jared Lake.  Jared also had to be convinced to jump into the pool, but on feeling the water he quickly changed his mind.  Looking back at Jared’s previous result it is great to see how his run has improved  over the season.  Today he ran the 1km leg in 5:28,  keep chipping away at it champ!

Thanks to Jordan Cohen for running a great race for the club.  Mark Baker also got out on the bike for a solid training ride and run, whilst offering his support to all the competitors.  We are looking forward to the two of you racing with us again soon.

Our next race is on the 18th Aug 2019.  It will be great to see a big turnout.

Triathlon will take place  Sunday 18th August 2019. (ARRIVE 7:00am START 7:15am SHARP).