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Maccabi Table Tennis bring home first ever piece of silverware!

Posted: 07-Dec-2017 by Table Tennis

Dec 5, 2017 saw NSW Maccabi Table Tennis Pennant side contest its first ever Grand Final against Team “Roadrunner”.

Going into the match, as competition minor premiers, we enjoyed mild favouritism, but the final was destined to be a very close match, and so it transpired.....represented by team players Alex Robinson, Susan Jersky and Danny Beran; the occasion was a very tense and even contest. ..

Losing the toss, Maccabi was fortunate to be able to line up our players to great strategic advantage, and Alex; straight out of the blocks, recorded a great 3 games to nil opening lead.

Susan then showed the benefit of her great season long consistency; and also scored a solid 3 games to nil victory playing clever finals table tennis, and rising to the occasion, while concealing her finals inexperience.

Danny failed to consolidate the team trend in his singles, losing to their strongest player, rather easily, which then resulted in a 2 rubbers to 1 lead; meaning the doubles, as always, was going to be crucial to the outcome.

Alex and Susan then combined brilliantly, and blasted the opposition off the court, winning 3 games to nil.

In the other reverse doubles, Alex and Danny took a 2 games to nil lead….pressure mounted, and the opposition side took the next 2 games, and at 2 games all, and 9 all in the 5th game, this encounter was going down to the wire.

With Alex’s great forehand loop, Maccabi prevailed 11-9 in the 5th game, and leading 4 rubbers to 1, Maccabi had Table Tennis history within its reach.

The draw then found Maccabi team up against one of their weaker players, and when Alex won his reverse singles, Maccabi NSW reached an unassailable 5 rubbers to 1 match winning result.

While it must be noted, Maccabi were always in front, Susan didn’t drop a single game and Alex played with great concentration and was the backbone for team results.

Neither Alex nor Susan had ever played in an open competition before, and the match culminated a wonderful season for Maccabi NSW.

What sounds a one-sided result, was really a nail-biting encounter, ultimately created by a team effort, which enabled Maccabi NSW to get across the victory line, in an amazing team finals effort!

During the season, Maccabi NSW were ably assisted by the greatly improving Geoff Toffler, Leonid Miroshnik, Tom Cooley and Ron Moss.

Quoted immediately after the match, Susan made the comment;  that the evolving team comeraderie, enabled Maccabi NSW to gel both on and off the table; and ultimately found Maccabi NSW as the St George Hurstville C Grade Premiers and Grand Final winner!

Danny, as team journalist and captain, noted the Grand Final victory, was a culmination of a seasons’ consolidated effort; and acknowledged Geoff’s skipper stand-in role and great season contribution; and Leonid Miroshnik, Ron Moss and Tom Cooleys stand-in roles as crucial to our seasons success.

“The discovery of both Alex and Susan this season, as great competition team players, ultimately cemented Maccabi NSW’s first ever Table Tennis premiership - both great exemplars of the game, and integral, as competition novices, to our 1st ever team silverware!”