Fees for 2019

Fees for 2019

Like last season there are 2 Fee Elements  being (i) the Base Registration Fee and (ii) Coaching Fees which are summarised below.

1. Base Registration Fee* 

  • $500 (includes uniform, player insurance, match ground hire, referee fees and equipment) payable at time of registration. 
  • Like last year, the NSW Government will provide $100 per child which is able to be redeemed against the Base Registration Fee via the Active Kids program
  • If a parent/guardian/carer elects to redeem this voucher, they can do so at the point of registration

      *Note. Base Registration Fee for all Under 6 and 7's Girls is being fully subsidised

2. Coaching Fee (from 11 February 2019 through to mid- August 2019)

Under 6 and 7

  • Boys - $165 (twice per week and match days).
  • Girls - The club is continuing to promote female participation and through the generous support of our sponsors the club is able to fully subsidise the coaching fees for the entire season that runs from 11 February 2019 through to mid- August 2019 (twice per week and match days).
  • Please note that whilst coaching is being made available twice per week its is not compulsory to participate twice per week

Under 8 - 12

  • Boys playing matches on Saturday - $675 (twice per week and match days)
  • Boys playing matches on Sunday - $300 (once per week and match days) 
  • Girls playing on Sunday - $300-350 (once per week and match days with the range depending in the duration of the training sessions)   

Under 13 - 15

  • Fees will be on a per team basis and indicative costs are:
  • Boys - $400 - $600
  • Girls - $330

All amounts are inclusive of GST


Maccabi is an all inclusive club and for any families requiring financial assistance, please complete and submit the below application for financial assistance form.

2019 Season Calendar
2019 Season Calendar


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