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Title Name  
President David Rifkin  
Vice President Gary Israelsohn  
Secretary Darren Glass  
Treasurer Daniel Rifkin  
Committee Members Michelle Sandler  
  Julian Rifkin  
  Guy Eylon  
  Nirita Eylon  
  Alan Blumberg
Head coach Michael rifkin  
Coach Zac Stein  
Learn to swim Michelle Rifkin  
Learn to swim Loaren Peimer  
Learn to swim Adam Wethered  
Learn to swim Nat Oates  


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The Gefilta fishes

The start

There is no question we always had a love for the water, maybe it was the fact that it was a great sport for the whole family to enjoy the summer with, or it was what started out as a brotherly rivalry between Dan and myself, that turned into a 15 year epic swimming saga. I can safely say that without the support of our parents, all those early mornings lifts to training at 4am or the massive food bills to satisfy our growing appetites, we would not have a group of brothers today that are trying to give back to the community what our parents and the sport of swimming gave to us.

The lesson

After 15 years of competitive swimming, traveling the world for swimming meets, 8 years of coaching swimming and 2 degrees later, its been a fun ride. I guess the biggest lesson we have learnt is how to not give up-what you really want. Swimming is a grueling sport. Not everyone will make it to the top, but everyone can gain the lessons of determination, sacrifice and a healthy living from the sport. Above all, swimming introduces you to a new group of like minded friends who aim high, stride long and seem to always have a smile.


A group of like minded individuals with years of swimming experience have teamed up to build the platform for our new club.Our new club "The Northshore  Gefilta Fishes" is a vessel to teach the community all that our parents and the sport has engrained in our lives. We want to give everyone the opportunity to excel in learn to swim, as it is a safety skill to have in life and hopefully find a passion in the water that will last a lifetime. Further we actively raise funds for local charities and for our own members, who will one day represent Australia at the Maccabia games in Israel. We are growing a team that believes in healthy living and community values.

Yours in swimming,

David Rifkin

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