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Results from weeks 1 & 2 of the season

Posted: 18-Sep-2019 by Tenpin Super League

This Season The Maccabi Ten Pin Super League has Eight Teams:

Double D: David Urbach & Deidre Libbert

G & B: Graeme Bogan & Ben Alexander

JB,s Family: Ari Baram & Howard Baram

Mighty Three: Luis Gutierrez & John Storey & Susan Sznajer

The Roosters: Michelle Rothman & Manny Rothman

King Of Queens: Naomi Baram & Michael Eisenstein

Sharks & Swans: Fiona Rothman & Andrew Drylie

The Marfia: Stephen j Clarke & Cameron Smith

In First Place Double D on Ten Points, King of Queens Second on Nine Points and Third Mighty Three on Eight points. 

High Score Games Bowled During Week One Had John Storey Bowl a 209 Game with a Series of 508, Luis gutierrez Bowled a 179 Game with a Series of 483, Andrew Drylie Bowled a 166 Game with a Series of 445, David Urbach Bowled a 162 Game with a Series of 390, and Stephen j Clarke Bowled a 158 Game with a Series of 407.

Week Two Resulted in some changes to the top three Placings. First King of Queens on 19 Points, Sharks & Swans Second on 17 Points and Third Double d on 13 Points. Top games Bowled had Howard Baram Bowl a 192 Games with a Series of 504, John Storey also Bowled a 192 Game with a Series of 452, Michael Eisenstein Bowled Two Good Games A 180 & a 151 with a Series of 466, Naomi Baram Bowled a 171 Game with a Series of 440, Manny Rothman Bowled a 165 Game with a Series of 401, Graeme Bogan Bowled a 161 Game with a Series of 419, Stephen J Clarke Bowled a 149 Game with a Series of 408 and David Urbach Bowled a 140 Game with a Series of 390.


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