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Results from weeks 11 & 12 of the season

Posted: 21-Aug-2019 by Tenpin Super League

The Final Games have been Bowled in Season Two of Maccabi Ten Pin Super League. Week Eleven had King of Queens in First Place on 80 Points, JBs Family Second on 72 Points and Mighty Three on 70 Points. Top Games Bowled in Week Eleven had Graeme Bogan Bowl Two Great Games a 191 & a 160 with a Series of 470, Howard Baram Bowled Two great Games a 183 & a 182 with a Series of 524, John Storey Bowled Two great Games a 182 & a 180 with a Series of 509, Andrew Drylie Bowled a 176 Game with a Series of 421 and naomi Baram Bowled a Game of 173 with a Series of 459.

Week Twelve ( The Final Week of season Two ) had King of Queens in First Place on 87 Points, while Smith & Buck Moved up to Second Place on 78 Points and The Mighty Three were in Third Place on 77 Points. High Score Games Bowled during Week Twelve had Louis Gutierrez Bowl Two Very High Score Games a 234 & a 231 With a Series of 626, Cameron Smith bowled a 198 Game with a Series of 513, Evy Rose Bowled a 181 Game with a Series of 420, Andrew Drylie Bowled a 175 Game with a Series of 419 and Deidre Libbert Bowled Three High Score Games 164,157 & 152 with a Series of 473 and David Urbach Bowled a 152 Game with a Series of 364.

The Maccabi Ten Pin Super League will Commence its Third Season on Wednesday 04 September at Manhattan Superbowl in Mascot. we Bowl Three Handy Cap Games each Week commencing at 6.45 PM. We are looking for extra Bowlers to Join us, for Further Details Contact Evy Rose 0418119377 or Andrew Drylie on 0408448650.



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