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All the news from the Yetty Bennett Memorial Tournament

Posted: 14-Aug-2019 by Tenpin Super League

Last Thursday Maccabi Tenpin Super League had its annual Yetty Bennett Memorial Tournament. This tournament is in honour of one of Maccabi Tenpin bowlers who 22 years ago in Israel attending the opening ceremony of The Maccabiah Games loss her life tragically when the bridge going into the main arena collapse.

This year we had 15 bowlers competing; 11 men and 3 ladies bowling at Manhattan Superbowl, Mascot. Four men bowlers came from Maccabi NSW Tenpin Club. Each bowler bowls 6 games. There are three blocks, each block contains two games. After the first 2 games block bowled in the Men’s Division, the top three were Stephen Clarke was leading with a 436 w/hcp followed by Howard Baram on 414 w/hcp followed by Luis Gutierrez on 407 w/hcp. Ben Alexander had the high game scratch of 186 in this block. In the Ladies Division Naomi Baram was leading on 463 w/hcp, followed by Susan Sznajer on 394 w/hcp and in third place Deidre Libbert on 331 w/hcp. Naomi had the highest game scratch of 189 in this block.

In the second 2 games block bowled in the Men’s Division the top three had change positions, leading was now Howard Baram on 487 w/hcp, followed by Graeme Bogan on 451 w/hcp and in third place was Stephen Clarke on 439 w/hcp. Howard had the high game scratch of 213 followed by Graeme with a 189 high game scratch. In the Ladies Division the line up changed also with Deidre Libbert leading on 442 w/hcp followed by Susan Sznajer on 385 w/hcp and in third place Naomi Baram on 381 w/hcp. No high games were bowled in the Ladies Division in the second block.

In the third and final 2 game block bowled in the Men’s Division it was a very exciting finished. In the 5 th game Howard opened with a spare and then strike out in the next five frames opened the 7 th then closed the next three frames finishing on a 223 scratch score. In the 6 th game Howard bowled a 9 bagger being 9 strikes in a row but opened the 10 th frame with a 9 missed finishing with a scratch score of 267 and with handicap 315. He finished his two games on a 586 w/hcp. Graeme Bogan came in second with 435 w/hcp followed by Stephen Clarke with a 416 w/hcp. Another high game scratch was bowled by Ari Baram of 189. In the Ladies Division Naomi Baram came home with a 410 w/hcp followed by Deidre Libbert on 384 w/hcp and Susan Sznajer with 356 with hcp.

After the 6 games where bowled the standing with handicap in the Men’s Division were Howard Baram 1487; Stephen Clarke 1291; Graeme Bogan 1286; Luis Gutierrez 1190; Ari Baram 1164; Andrew Drylie 1161; Michael Eisenstein 1156; Mark Katz 1123; Harvey Sharpe 1120; Myer Zamek 1104; Ben Alexander 1074 and Tony Faust 1057. In the Ladies Division finial standing with handicap were Naomi Baram 1254; Deidre Libbert 1157 and Susan Sznajer 1135.

Now a playoff in which 3 rd play 2 nd in a one game playoff in both Ladies and Men’s Division. Whoever wins this will play the bowler who came in 1 st . In the Men’s Division Stephen was in good form bowling a 167 scratch with 227 handicap against Graeme with a 128 scratch with 188 handicap. In the Ladies Division Susan was too good for Deidre bowling a 157 scratch with 209 handicap against Deidre 131 scratch with 197 handicap. Stephen and Sue will bowl the top qualifier in their division.

In the playoff between 1 st and 2 nd in the Men’s Division Howard was not having a good 1 st game playoff leaving open a number of frames and finishing with a 134 scratch with 182 handicap against Stephen who had 5 strike in the game ending with a 186 scratch with 246 handicap. In the Ladies Division Naomi like her Dad was not having a good 1 st game playoff also opening a number of frames and finishing with a 129 scratch with 178 handicap against Susan game of 164 scratch with 216 handicap.

As both the top qualifier did not win the playoff they are entitled to have a one game repercharge in which who wins this game is declared the winner. In the Men’s Division Howard came out firing with 3 strikes in a row closing the next two frames striking the next, leaving open the 7 th frame striking the next two frames sparing the 10 th frame with a bonus ending up with a 213 scratch score with 261 handicap. Stephen couldn’t match Howard form and came home with a 127 scratch with 187 handicap. Howard was declared the winner in the Men’s Division. In the Ladies Division as both ladies were very sore and tied, Naomi managed to bowl a little better than her first playoff game of 136 scratch with 185 handicap where Susan came home with a 159 scratch with 211 handicap. Susan was declared the winner in the Ladies Division.

This is Howard Baram first win and Susan Sznajer fourth win; she has won it in 2003; 2013 and 2015.

Maccabi Tenpin Super League would like to thank Mark Katz; Harvey Sharpe; Myer Zamek and Tony Faust from Maccabi NSW Tenpin in joining us in this tournament and hope that more bowlers will join us next year.

The winners in the Men’s Division: from right to left are: Howard Baram; Stephen Clarke and Graeme Bogan.

The winners in the Ladies Division: from right to left are: Naomi Baram; Susan Sznajer and Deidre Libbert.


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