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Results from the President's Cup Tournament!

Posted: 26-Jun-2019 by Tenpin Super League

On Thursday, 20 th June, 2019 Maccabi Tenpin Super League had its 2nd ‘President’s Cup Tournament’.

This year's tournament had 12 bowlers competing; including a junior being our President’s grandson; 8 men and 3 ladies bowling at Manhattan Superbowl, Mascot. Last year winners were hoping to do back to back and retain their title, but only one bowler was able to do so. 

Each bowler bowled 6 games. After the first 2 games block bowled in the men’s division, Stephen Clarke was leading on a 436 w/hcp followed by John Storey on 381 w/hcp and in 3rd place was Andrew Drylie on 379 w/hcp. High games bowled in the men’s division went to Andrew Drylie with a 175 scratch and Cameron Smith with a 173 scratch. In the ladies division our President Sue was leading with 400 w/hcp; Secretary Evy Rose who was trying to retain her title was coming second with 389 w/hcp followed in 3rd place Naomi Baram on 329 w/hcp. 

In the second 2 games block bowled in the men’s division Stephen Clarke was still in the lead with a 401 w/hcp and a high game scratch of 161 followed by Ari Baram on 389 w/hcp and a high game scratch of 165 with Michael Eisenstein also on 389 w/hcp. In the ladies division Sue was leading with 404 w/hcp followed by Naomi on 395 w/hcp and a high game scratch of 176 followed in 3rd place Evy on 390 w/hcp. 

In the third and final 2 games, block bowled in the men’s division Ari Baram had 418 w/hcp plus a high game scratch of 184 with Luis Gutierrez in 2 nd spot with a 410 w/hcp and Cameron Smith on 383 w/hcp bowl a 186 scratch game. In the ladies division Evy bowled a high game of 188 scratch giving her a 464 w/hcp and this put her in the top spot followed by Naomi Baram on 417 w/hcp and another scratch game of 176 and in 3 rd place Sue on a 387 w/hcp. 

After the 6 games were bowled final standing in both divisions with handicap were Evy Rose 1243; Stephen Clarke 1214; Sue Sznajer 1191; Ari Baram 1160; Naomi Baram 1141; David Urbach 1119; Michael Eisenstein 1116; Luis Gutierrez 1107; Andrew Drylie 1099; Zac Judd 1092; John Storey 1067 who won last year's tournament and Cameron Smith 1063. 

Now 3rd played 2nd in a one game playoff in the men’s & ladies divisions. As David came in 3 rd he had to bowl against Ari who came in 2nd . Ari was too good for David bowling a 180 scratch, 218 w/hcp against David 126 scratch, 193 w/hcp.

In the Ladies division Naomi bowled a 146 scratch with 196 w/hcp was just 6 pin better than Sue who bowled 142 scratch with a 190 w/hcp.

In the head to head in the men’s division, Ari then bowled the men’s top qualifier Stephen. Stephen on a 68 handicap bowl 131 scratch giving him a 199 w/hcp where Ari on a 38 handicap bowled a scratch game of 156 giving him a 194 w/hcp just missed out by 5 pins, giving Stephen his first win in this tournament.

In the ladies division Naomi was just too good bowling a 186 scratch score with 236 w/hcp against last year’s winner Evy who only managed a 114 scratch game being 180 w/hcp. As the top qualifier a reprecharge was given to Evy and who ever won this game was declared the winner, for which Evy prevail and came home with the title with a game scratch of 124 given her a 190 w/hcp against Naomi 104 scratch; 154 w/hcp. Evy who wasn’t going to bowl in this tournament surprise herself by winning it back to back.

High game scratch went to Cameron Smith who bowled a 186 in the men’s division. Evy Rose bowled 188 scratch in the ladies division. We all ended up having a lovely dinner at The Newmarket Hotel were the winners were given their trophies.

The club’s committee wishes to thank Savva for his help in organizing the score sheets.



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