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Posted: 23-May-2019 by Tenpin Super League


Last Wednesday, 15th May, Maccabi Tenpin Super League held its annual Joe Stern Memorial Mid-Year Tournament in memory of one of our bowlers who passed away five years ago and was our President Sue Sznajer partner in crime for many years.

This year we had five ladies and 10 men competing bowling four games.

In the first block of two games in the men’s division Ari Baram had a first game of 197 scratch 236 w/hcp; Luis Gutierrez also bowled his first game of 197 scratch 249 w/hcp followed by John Storey with a 172 scratch 206 w/hcp. Second game there was only one good game of 162 scratch 196 w/hcp bowled by John Storey. After the two games were bowled the top four bowlers were in 1st position Ari Baram on 377 w/hcp; 2nd position John Storey on 368 w/hcp; 3rd position Stephen J. Clarke on 363 w/hcp and 4th position Graeme Bogan on 346 w/hcp.

In the final two game block Ari came flying home with a high games scratch of 173 giving him a total score of 823 w/hcp. Coming in 2nd with only 3 pins behind Ari was Michael Eisenstein who also had a games scratch of 173 giving him a total score of 820 w/hcp. Luis Gutierrez was only 5 pins behind Michael finishing with a 815 w/hcp.

In the Ladies division in the first block our President Sue Sznajer who was defending her title was in 1st place with a 321 w/hcp; 2nd position Naomi Baram on 318 w/hcp and in 3rd position was Evy Rose on 302 w/hcp. No high games scratches were bowled in the ladies division.

In the final two game blocks the positions were the same as the first; Sue in 1st position with 748 w/hcp; Naomi in 2nd position with 728 w/hcp; and with only 2 pins short of a tie for 2nd was Evy on a 726 w/hcp in 3rd place.

After the four games the scores were tally and third place was declared in both divisions. Evy with a score of 726 w/hcp in the ladies division and in the men’s Luis Gutierrez with a score of 815 w/hcp came in third place.

The final standing in the men’s division w/hcp was: Ari Baram 823; Michael Eisenstein 820; Luis Gutierrez 815; Andrew Drylie 813; John Storey 807; Stephen J. Clarke 800; Graeme Bogan 745; Manny 733 who was last year’s winner was unable to defend his title and David Urbach 668. Ladies final standing was Susan Sznajer 748; Naomi Baram 728; Evy Rose 726; Fiona Rothman 694 and Michelle Rothman 573.

In the men’s one game playoff Ari bowled a 179 w/hcp against Michael who bowled a 223 w/hcp. Michael was to be declared the winner, as there was no reprecharge to be bowled, but due to a technical hitch a reprecharge was declared and a second game was bowled. Ari came home with a 204 w/hcp against Michael 179 w/hcp.

In the ladies one game playoff Susan bowled a 198 w/hcp against Naomi who bowled 214 w/hcp. Naomi was also to be declared the winner. All four bowlers decided to continue with a reprecharge game and bowled a second game. Naomi came home with a 217 w/hcp against Susan with a 154 w/hcp.

The club provided a dinner for the bowlers at The Newmarket Hotel and a good time had by all.



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