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Results from weeks 5 and 6 of the season!

Posted: 19-Mar-2019 by Tenpin Super League


Week Five Had The Three of Us in First Place on 38 Points, Second G & B on 31 Points (by a Higher Pin Fall )in Third Place with 31 Points Gutters are us. 

High Score Games in Week Five had Ben Alexander Scoring the Two Highest Games of Week Five with a 212 & a 199 he also managed to Bowl a 180 with a Series of 591,Cameron Smith Bowled a 184 Game with a Series of 483,Deidre Bowled a 156 Game with a Series of 389, Andrew Drylie Bowled a 151 Game with a Series of 372, Graeme Bogan Bowled a 146 Game with a Series of 402 and Colin Smith Bowled a 127 Game with a Series of 315. Fiona Rothman Bowled a    Triplicate ( Three Games of 120 with a Series of 360.


Week Six had The same Three Teams in The Top Places, in First Place, First The Three of Us on 46 Points, G & B Second on 39 Points and Third Gutters were 
Third on 39 Points.

High Score Games Had Ari Baram Bowl an  213 Game with a Series of 513, Ben Alexander Bowled Two Great Games A 202 & a 190 with a Series of 560, Susan Sznajer Bowled a 183 Game with a Series of 470,Cameron Smith Bowled Two Games at 180 with a Series of 530,Luis Gutierrez Bowled a 168 Game with a Series of 452,Fiona Rothman Bowled a 148 Game with a Series of 386 and Coleen Smith Bowled a 133 Game with a Series of 325.



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