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Tenpin Super League Returns for 2019!

Posted: 20-Feb-2019 by Tenpin Super League

Tenpin Super League 2019 is underway!

Maccabi Ten Pin Super League has returned for 2019! The Year has commenced and weeks One & Two have been played. This Season we have Ten Teams which include Five New Bowlers.

The Teams this Season are Two B (Ari Baram & Howard Baram), Smith & Buck (Cameron Smith & David Urbach), The Three Of Us (Luis Gutierrez, John Storey & Susan Sznajer), G & B (Graeme Bogan & Ben Alexander), Bashdown (Andrew Drylie & Michael Eisenstein), N & D (Naomi Baram & Deidre Libbert), Gutters are Us (Colleen Smith & Colin Smith), Roosters (Michelle Rothman & Manny Rothma), Snap Fitness,   (Denise Zorbas & Fiona Rothman),Two Rovers (Helen Srsa & Steven J. Clarke) Reserve (Evy Rose).

Week One, Season One had Gutters Are Us in First Place on 10 Points, Smith & Buck in Second Place on 8 Points and in Third Place Two Rovers on 7 Points. High Score games had Ben Alexander Bowl a 201 Game with a Series of 548, Graeme Bogan Bowled a 171 Game with a Series of 356,Fiona Rothman Bowled a 147 Game with a Series of 326, and Colin Smith Bowled a 128 Game with a Series of 307.

Week Two Saw some Changes to The top Three Positions, In First Place, Smith & Buck on 15 Points, Second G & B on 13 Points and Third Gutters are Us on 12 Points.
High Score Games included Ben Alexander who Bowled a 193 Game with a Series of 490,Cameron Smith Bowled a 186 Game with a Series of 441, Ari Baram Bowled a 172 Game with a Series of 495, Susan Sznajer Bowled a 163 Game with a Series of 385,Deidre Libbert Bowled a 157 Game with a Series of 394 and Fiona Rothman Bowled a 135 Game with a Series of 357.



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