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Season Three 2018 has begun!

Posted: 17-Sep-2018 by Tenpin Super League

Welcome to our three new bowlers!

Season Three 2018 has commenced for Maccabi Ten Pin Super League and The First Two Weeks have Been Bowled. This Season we Welcome Three New Bowlers to The League, with a total of Eight Teams.

The Teams are ( 1 ) Bashdown, Michael Eisenstein and Andrew Drylie. ( 2 ) The All Stars, Naomi Baram, Graeme Bogan and Ben Alexander ( 3 ) Golden Turkey, Manny Rothman and Michelle Rothman. ( 4 ) Me, Myself & I, Evy Rose. ( 5 )Crazy Trio, Luis Gutierrez, John Storey & Susan Sznajer. ( 6 ) Bowling Diva, Deidre Libbert & AJ Jamal. ( 7 ) 2 Swans, Denise Zorbas & Fiona Rothman ( 8 ) Gutters R Us Colleen Smith & Cameron Smith.
The First Week had our New Team Gutters R Us in First Place on 10 Points, Me, Myself and I Second on 09 Points and Crazy Trio Third on 07 Points. High Score Games Bowled during Week One had New Comer, Cameron Smith Bowl a 194 Game with a Series of 465,John Storey Bowled a 190 Game with a Series of 489, and Evy Rose Bowled
a 170 Game with a Series of 455.
Week Two had saw some changes to The Top Three Places, First Me, Myself & I on 16 Points, Second Crazy Trio on 14 Points and Third Gutters are Us on 13 Points.
Cameron Smith again Bowled The Highest Scoring Game 201 with a Series of 523, John Storey Bowled a 181 Game with a Series of 486, Evy Rose Bowled a 167 Game with a Series of 435, and Fiona Rothman Bowled a 144 Game with A Series of 323.



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