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Super League results from weeks 10 and 11!

Posted: 14-Aug-2018 by Tenpin Super League

The Final games have been Bowled in Season Two, Maccabi Ten Pin Super League 2018.

Later in this Article the details of Place Getters will be revealed. but first details about Week Ten ( the second last Week of Season Two 2018).

Week Ten had The All Stars in First Place on 66 Points, Second Me, Myself & I on 61 Points and in Third Place The Losers on 60 Points;
Evy Rose had Two High Score Games a 182 & a 156 with a Series of 486, Naomi Baram Bowled a 169 Game and Fiona Rothman Bowled a 158 Game with a Series of 382.
Week Eleven ( the Final Week of Season Two 2018 ) had The Same Three Teams in the Same Three Top Places, thus The All Stars ( Ben Alexander & Naomi Baram ) took out First Place on 68 Points.

But not far behind in Second Place on 67 Points was Me, Myself & I ( Evy Rose ) and in Third Place on 66 Points The Losers ( Luis Gutierrez, John Storey & Susan Sznajer )
High Score Games for the Final Week of Season Two 2018, had Graeme Bogan on Fire with Two Great Games a 184 & a 173 with a Series of 500, while Fiona Rothman Bowled a 160 Game ( 49 Pins over Average )

Season Three 2018 Commences on Wednesday 29 August at 6.45PM at Manhattan Super Bowl ( Mascot ) we have a few vacancies, if you are thinking of Joining us, contact our Club Secretary

Evy Rose on 0418 119 377.


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