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Super League Results - Weeks 3 & 4

Posted: 15-Oct-2017 by Tenpin Super League

There were some very exciting games bowled during weeks three and four. Week three had 2 Amigos + One in first place on 25 points, 2 Guys & A Lady in second place on 21 points and third place Ten Pin Alley on 19 points.

There were six notable high score games bowled during week three. Howard Baram bowled a 189 game with a series of 511, Chris Eade bowled a 185 game with a series of 517, John Storey bowled a 181 game with a series of 470, Graeme Bogan bowled a 162 game with a series of 453 while newcomer Louis Gutierrez bowled two good games 160 & 134 with a series of 416.

Week four saw some changes to the top positions, 2 Amigos + One & 2 Guys and A Lady swapped places. Thus 2 Guys & A Lady are in first place on 31 Points, 2 Amigos + One second on 30 points, while Ten Pin Alley remain in third place on 24 points.

The fourth week had six good high score games. Ben Alexander bowled a 215 game with a series of 537, Mark Katz bowled a 167 game with a series of 428, Evy Rose bowled a 157 game with a series of 408 ,Louis Gutierrez again bowled two good games 153 & 129 with a series of 383,and Michael Eisenstein bowled a 153 game with a series of 423.  


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