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Super League Results Season 2 - Weeks 1 & 2

Posted: 14-Jun-2017 by Tenpin Super League

The Maccabi Ten Pin Super League is alive and well!

Week One had Three Amigos in First Place on 10 Points, De Neros second on 9 Points while Rolling Rookies were third on 6 Points.

High score games had Naomi Baram bowl a 228 Game (66 pins over Average) with a series of 533, Chris Eade bowled a 181 Game with a Series of 485 and Denise Zorbas bowled a 129 Game with a Series of 318.

Week Two again had Three Amigos in first place on 19 Points, while Two Guys & a Lady moved up to second place on 14 Points and Rolling Rookies again in third place on 13 Points.

Week two had only two high score games, Chris Eade bowled a 191 game with a series of 506, while11-Year-oldd Zac Judd Bowled a 157 Game with a series of 385.

Chris Eade bowled a 181 game in week one of the TenPin Super League's second season for 2017.


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