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Report - 18 February 2016

Posted: 18-Feb-2016 by Tenpin Super League

By Andrew Drylie

The Maccabi Ten Pin Super League is alive and well having commenced its first season on Wednesday 3rd February, this season there are Eight (8) teams competing for points and the ultimate
award of Places and Trophies.
During the first two Wednesday Evenings of Bowling some very interesting Games were played that resulted high game scores and series.
During the first week, The Three Amigos, achieved first place with 10 points, The Three Aces – second with 9 points and third D & B with 8 points.
High Scores were achieved by Ben Alexander – a 190 game and 509 series, Tony Faust – a 199 game and a 544 series,Graeme Bogan a 162 game and 429 series, Evy Rose a 201 game and 466 series.
Manny Rothman a 132 game and 358 series.
Week two Wednesday 10th February had The Three Aces in first place with 18 Points, Ten Pin Suffle – second with 15 points and D &B on 11 Points.
High Scores achieved during the second week, saw John Storey with a high Game of 193 and a 531 series,Ben Alexander had a high game of 198 and a series of 537, Graeme Bogan has a high game
of 169 and a series of 479.
This Year as stated previously there are eight teams in The Maccabi Ten Pin Super League this first season. With great names such as D & B, Team Anton, Strike Force, 10 Pin Suffle,The Three Amigos.
Monkeys, The Three Aces, Coco.


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