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Yetty Bennett Memorial Tournament 2015

Posted: 06-Aug-2015 by Tenpin Super League

By Evelyn Rose

On Sunday, 2nd August, 2015 Maccabi Tenpin Super League held its annual Yetty Bennett Memorial Tournament at Manhattan Super Bowl, Mascot.

Three ladies and eight men bowled 6 games plus handicap to qualify for the top three positions.

After the first two block bowled, the top three were Deidre Libbert, Susan Sznajer and Naomi Baram in the ladies division. In the men’s division were John Storey, Bernard Lugay and Andrew Drylie.  High games scratch bowled were from John Storey and Tony Faust who both bowled a 174.

After the second two block bowled, the top three had change to Susan Sznajer, Deidre Libbert  and Naomi Baram in the ladies division and the men’s division were Benard Lugay, John Storey and Ben Alexander. High games scratch bowled were from Ben Alexander 224, Bernard Lugay 168. 

In the final two block bowled in which 6 games had been bowled the final standing were Susan Sznajer in first position on 1132; Naomi Baram in second place on 1109 and Deidre Libbert in third position on 1051. In the men’s division in first position was Bernard Lugay on 1220; in second place was John Storey on 1216 and Ben Alexander came in third with 1215.  In the last block high scratch games went to Susan Sznajer 170, Naomi Baram 160, Howard Baram 202 and Ben Alexander 173.

As there were only three women bowling, third place was declared which was Deidre Libbert. The ladies stepladder playoff was with Susan Sznajer and Naomi Baram. Naomi was leading throughout the playoff but somehow Susan came behind to win it with 202 with handicap against Naomi 197 with handicap.

In the men’s stepladder playoff John Storey won with a score of 210 with handicap against Ben Alexander score of 190 with handicap. He then qualified to play Bernard in the final. John was too strong for Bernard in the playoff having finished with a 196 with handicap against Bernard 177 with handicap. Bernard issued a reprecharge but John was too good bowling 228 with handicap with Barnard bowling 185 with handicap. 
This was John’s first win in this tournament and Susan 3rd win, winning in 2003 and 2013. 

The final standing in both division were: Bernard Lugay 1220; John Storey 1216; Ben Alexander 1215; Susan Sznajer 1132; Graeme Bogan 1127; Naomi Baram 1109; Howard Baram 1078; Andrew Dryle 1077; Tony Faust 1068; Michael Eisenstein 1064 and Deidre Libbert 1051.

A Gift Voucher was handed out to the bowler who bowled the highest score with handicap during the qualifying games in both divisions. The winners were Susan Sznajer with a 213 and Ben Alexander with a 255 with handicap.

Lunch was provided at The Newmarket Hotel, Mascot and everyone had a good time.

Picture: All the winners. Left to right: Deidre Libbert; Naomi Baram; Susan Sznajer; John Storey; Bernard Lugay and Ben Alexander.


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