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Joe Stern Memorial Mid-Year Tournament

Posted: 02-Jun-2015 by Tenpin Super League

The winners Tony Faust with Gina Stern [Joe’s wife] and Sue Sznajer

By Evelyn Rose

Over the weekend, Maccabi Tenpin Super League had its annual ‘The Joe Stern Memorial Mid-Year Tournament’ in honour of one of their bowlers who passed away two years ago, and was a partner with our President, Sue Sznajer. 

Eleven bowlers entered, 6 men’s and 5 ladies bowling 4 games, third was declared and 2nd played 1st in a one game playoff. A repercharge would be played if 2nd defected 1st.

In the men’s division after 4 games were bowled, Andrew Drylie came in 3rd with 760 pins w/hcp. Bernard Lugay in 2nd with 788 pins w/hcp and our defending champion Tony Faust was 1st qualifier on 847pin w/hcp. Third was declared and after the first playoff Bernard won with 214pins w/hcp against Tony 155 pins w/hcp. A repercharge game was played and Tony retained his title for the second year running with a 204 pins w/hcp against Bernard 198 pins w/hcp.

In the ladies division after 4 games were bowled Evelyn Rose came in 3rd with 697 pins w/hcp who was last year’s title holder. Deidre Libbert finished in 2nd place with 718 pins w/hcp and our President Sue Sznajer qualified in first place with 847 pin w/hcp. After the one game playoff Sue finished with 215 pins w/hcp against Deidre’s 181 pins w/hcp. 

Final standing in the men’s division: Mark Katz 692; Ben Alexander 721; Manny Rothman 723; Andrew Drylie 760; Bernard Lugay 788 and Tony Faust 847. Ladies division: Michelle Rothman 694; Fiona Rothman 695; Evelyn Rose 697; Deidre Libbert 718 and Sue Sznajer 757.

In the ladies division: High Game + hcp went to Sue Sznajer 171; 221 w/hcp. She also took out High Series 293; 393 w/hcp.
In the men’s division: High Game + hcp went to Tony Faust 188; 228 w/hcp. He also took out High Series 350; 430 w/hcp.


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