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The Joe Stern Memorial Mid-Year Tournament

Posted: 20-May-2014 by Tenpin Super League

Tony Faust and Evelyn Rose with Joe's wife Gina

By Evelyn Rose

Last Sunday, Maccabi Tenpin Super League had its annual Mid-Year Tournament. The tournament is now being called ‘The Joe Stern Memorial Mid-Year Tournament’ in memory of Joe who passed away last year. 

Joe was a member of our club for many years and was the partner of our President, Sue Sznajer. He loved his bowling and looked forward to bowl every Wednesday night. At every club function, Joe was there to have fun and socialise with our members.

We had 17 members competing. Third was declared, then second played first in a one game playoff. In third position was Manny Rothman with a 735 w/hcp and Deidre Libbert with 767 w/hcp.

The two top qualifiers in the mens and ladies divisions were Maxine Brem with a 771 w/hcp in second position and in first place Evelyn Rose with a 788 w/hcp. In second position was Andrew Drylie on a 748 w/hcp and Tony Faust with a 818 w/hcp in first place.

After the one game playoff, Andrew came in second place with a 183 w/hcp score and Tony finished in the top spot with a 200 w/hcp for which he was declared the winner in the mens division.

In the ladies division, Maxine finished in second position with a 164 w/hcp and Evelyn finished in the top spot with a 201 w/hcp for which she was declared the winner. Evelyn was very proud to have won this tournament as it bears the name of her first cousin.

Mens final results w/hcp were: Tony Faust 818 [200]; Andrew 748 [183]; Manny Rothman 735; Michael Eisenstein 734; Ronald Greenwood 727; Graeme Bogan 726; Mark Katz 714; Ricky Kremer 661.

Ladies final results w/hcp were: Evelyn Rose 788 [201]; Maxine Brem 771 [164]; Deidre Libbert 767; Michelle Rothman 707; Susan Sznajer 706; Fiona Rothman 675; Eva Schlesinger 666; Jodi Brem 659; Denise Zormbas 601.


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