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Beaut Bowling by Howard Baram

Posted: 20-Mar-2014 by Tenpin Super League

Howard Baram

By Evelyn Rose

MACCABI Tenpin Super League is halfway through its Season One league.

Last week there was two beautiful games bowled by Howard Baram (left). He bowled his personal best score of 245 and a 207 game, giving him his best scratch series of 617. Well done Howard!

Other high scores were by Jai Bellamy (199 game), Maxine Brem (187 game), Tony Faust (173 game) and Deidre Libbert (170 game). 

The current top three teams are:

  • 1st - Laurel 'n Hardy on 49 points
  • 2nd - Split Personality on 40 points
  • 3rd - Looking Good on 38 points


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