Maccabi Club Administrator - Louis Platus OAM Trophy


George Davis - Rugby

George’s tireless commitment to the thankless work of sport administration is one of the cornerstones of the existence of our beloved Rugby club. His background as a high school teacher contributes to his excellent communication skills. It also means the team is regularly treated to impromptu history lessons delivered with his token dry sarcasm.

George has also overseen our club grow to one of our strongest budgetary surpluses in recent years. Additionally, in 2017 we saw both grades reaching finals, with first grade reaching the grand final. Under George last year we had the largest Number of registered members since our club’s reformation in 2006.

George’s influence on the club extends far beyond sporting administration and history lessons. He also acts as a pseudo coach, a clever and committed player, a senior tactician and a role model to many younger players. His integrity and passion sets the tone for the culture of the club. I can confidently say that the club would not be the same without George - it may not even exist at all. 

Sharonne Antonir - Swimming

Sharonne came to the Maccabi Swimming Club through her children and, soon after joining the club committee, excelled in bringing professionalism and organisation to the club. Besides being a driving force behind our month-by-month organisation and timetabling, Sharonne championed several special events for the club in 2017:

In January Sharonne facilitated a Club camp to Nelson Bay with 16 swimmers, 4 parents and 5 days of camp and competition. She also worked to organise a development team trip to Orange where 12 junior swimmers travelled with families to the Jets swim club meet in Orange. Sharonne arranged all accommodation, transport, dinner and uniforms for swimmers.

Without Sharonne's energy and dynamic enthusiasm, the swimming club would not have hosted some of the events we did in 2017, and our regular events would have been much less successful.

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