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Maccabi All Abilities is leading the way in promoting inclusion

Posted: 06-Nov-2019 by Maccabi NSW

Mount Sinai College has participated in the Maccabi All Abilities' innovative 'Educate Through Experience' program. The program promotes interaction between mainstream students and those with special needs to help reduce discrimination.

With a visit from a Wheelchair NSW sportsperson, the students hear a personal story about overcoming challenges, after which the students get to try out wheelchair basketball for themselves.

 "Promoting empathy and understanding will have far reaching effects beyond the school gates" says Maccabi All Abilities coordinator Shelley Diamond. "The immersive experience allows students to think about themselves, their actions and their peers. Exposing our children to people with special needs helps to improve attitudes and can have lasting effects and help children with disabilities to succeed".

This program has been made possible with support from JCA The Choice Foundation, which has enabled Maccabi All Abilities to educate and create authentic opportunities to build bridges around inclusion.

Would your school or organisation like the opportunity to participate in our awesome program? Contact Shelley -

To watch the video, CLICK HERE

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