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Walkie Talkies ramp up the interaction

Posted: 18-Sep-2019 by Maccabi NSW


Bondi beach put on a stunning display of weather and views for the Walkie Talkie event last Sunday. On a gorgeous sunny spring day over 30 ladies walked from Bondi to Tamarama and back, followed by an educational talk from physiotherapist Natalie Simon. Nat took the time to explain the why behind the importance of core and pelvic floor strength and then gave some practical demonstrations of exercises to do to build up these areas.

The group thoroughly enjoyed trying out the exercises and best of all took some tips and exercises to do at home. So well received that Nat may do some classes for those who express interest. If you’re keen for an evening or Sunday session, please let Nat know at and she can put together some times. 

Our next Walkie Talkie event is Sunday the 13th October in Rose Bay. Melissa Katz will guide us through life’s transitions and give us some practical tools for handling change.

Register via our try booking link. Details via our Facebook page Maccabi Life Walkie Talkies. Invite your friends.

Contact Nicole Katz on if you have any questions.

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