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Maccabi Commemorates Yom Hashoah

Posted: 30-Apr-2019 by Maccabi NSW

May 2nd is Yom Hashoah. This is the day when Jewish people throughout the world Commemorate the Holocaust. A day when we paused to remember the Holocaust, the millions who were murdered, and those who lived on, many told their stories to a generation born more than half a century later. 

Players from our own Maccabi Junior Football Club, the Rugby Club, the Netball Club, Lawn Bowls and Ten Pin Bowling are participating in a very important initiative by Maccabi NSW and the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies to honour those murdered.   

To the younger among us, the Holocaust can feel like ancient history. Why is it important that we remember? It is often said that our youngest generation will be the last to meet and hear survivors tell their own stories, and those that have this privilege are unlikely to ever forget it. There are important lessons to be learned from survivors’ words and experiences, lessons that still have relevance to our children's lives today.

We remember the Holocaust because of our hope that the world will never go through darkness as deep as that, but also because we know that the millions who did not survive to tell their stories took with them a world of lost possibilities. They would want to know that they were not forgotten. And because today’s youth is the last to hear survivors speak in person, there is a renewed importance to finding new ways to keep their stories alive.

All teams participating conducted a small ceremony prior to playing their game, which included a minute silence. They received black armbands worn when playing their sport, in honour of the many victims.

They received a ZACHOR kit from the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies. The kit consisted of a yarzheit candle/kaddish card/card telling a story with the picture of someone who perished in the Holocaust. The players were asked to take those home and on Erev Yom Hashoah (1st May in the evening) light the yarzheit candle and say kaddish either for a family member who was killed in the Holocaust, or for the person whose biography is presented on the card.

They will not be alone in doing this, as 3000 Zachor kits have been distributed. It is hoped that eventually the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies will distribute 5000+ of these each Yom Hashoah.

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