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Maccabi calls on Australian Government to reject Malaysia's ban of Israeli Paralympic hopefuls

Posted: 31-Jan-2019 by Maccabi NSW

Last week, Maccabi Australia leaders expressed their dissapointment following Malaysia's decision to ban Israeli Paralympic hopefuls from competing in the qualifying events, and urged the Australian Government to oppose the decision.  

Read more about the issue, and Maccabi Australia President Jeff Sher's (pictured below) letter to Government officals HERE (article courtesy of J-WIRE). 

Maccabi Australia is pleased that in response to the ban, the International Paralympic Committee has stripped Malaysia of the event. 

Below is a statement issued by Jeff Sher following the IPC's decision:

"Maccabi Across Australia initially responded to the poor decision made by the Malaysian government to exclude Israeli athletes from attending the Paralympic swimming trials. 

Letters were sent to Members of parliament and the ministers of sport around the country.

 The international Paralympic Committee have now decided that it has stripped Malaysia of its right to host the Swimming Championships. 

I want to thank Maccabi  across Australia for responding to this issue. 

I also want to acknowledges the IPC’s statement that the Paralympic Movement is one which is motivated by inclusion and fairness. 

Athletes regardless of country of origin or religious affiliation should have the opportunity to compete and countries awarded the games should be given the right to do so based on their human rights position. 

Well done to all who got behind this issue - our voice whilst small resonating with many others and no doubt made a difference.

Together we are stronger,


Jeff Sher

President Maccabi Australia"




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