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Maccabi commemorates Yom Hashoah

Posted: 13-Apr-2018 by Maccabi NSW

Maccabi joined with other communal organsiations to commemorate Yom Hashoah.

Partnering with the NSWJBD for its 'Zachor' project, Maccabi distributed kits to many players this weekend - including a rememberance candle and information on different individuals who perished in the Holocaust, to remember & commemorate that individual.

Teams also played with black arm bands.

Additionally, Maccabi across Australia was part of the initiative run by Victoria's Jewish Holocaust Centre, to make a meaningful gesture of remembrance while reminding us that just like the members of Maccabi today, survivors of the Holocaust, their families and friends who perished, were also avid sportsmen and women. 

The message is simple: The only thing that separates them from you is time... they were #justlikeyou

Yom Hashoah Commemoration
Carnival 2020


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