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Two basketball girls enjoy rep selection

Posted: 08-Nov-2011 by Maccabi NSW

- By Marissa Ely

Maccabi NSW Basketball Club is celebrating the selection of Amy Collins and Jaimee Gomel in the under-12 Sydney City Comets Representative teams (Gold and Green prospectively).

Amy Collins, shooting guard and Emanuel School year 5 student, started training with the club in 2009 and blossomed on the court in 2010. She is one of the quiet achievers of the under-12 Gems Maccabi team and always enjoys being around her friends and having fun on the court. Amy is forever improving her game and is always fair and plays hard with a lot of enthusiasm. Amy admires NBA star Kobe Bryant – and has potential to go all the way. When asked what she still needed to improve in her game, she responded: "I really need to concentrate on my rebounding since I am the go-to person on the court. I am always fed the ball."

Not only is she a team leader, but her parents, Nicky and Paul, who were both basketballers in their prime, had this to say: "We are really proud of her and know this is a big commitment but an exciting opportunity. Her improvement over the last year has been incredible and her confidence has grown being rewarded with selection".

Amy is a strong, committed player, who dribbles the ball exceptionally well. Her vision on the court is remarkable and she just goes about her business week in and week out without any fuss.

Her teammate Jaimee Gomel, a year 3 student at Mt Sinai College, can also pat herself on the back. She started off in the under-10 mixed team in 2010 (alongside team mate Claudia Burman as the only other girl in their team) and also admires the LA Laker star Kobe Bryant. "He never gives up and he always seems to be able to do something amazing when his team needs him to". That is something that the Maccabi Basketball Club is sure Jaimee aspires to when she is on the court.

Jaimee is feisty and has a no fear policy when it comes to playing against taller team mates. She doesn't care who is in front of her; she just plays her heart out each week. This little girl is a fighter and her presence on the court is always noticed by the opposition. Her brother Ariel is a great support of his sister and her dad Dean has always told her to get into a position which supports her team mates, whether it be in attack or defence. Her mother Debbi added: "We are very proud of Jamie for making the Comets as she loves playing basketball and has come a long way since two years ago when she first started playing. She likes to help others and we are sure she will try to get more of her friends to play the game and try out for her team.”

If you have a daughter who would like to start playing basketball, please email club President Michael America at

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