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Karate kid Hakim to be added to Hall of Fame

Posted: 21-Nov-2017 by Maccabi NSW

The countdown to Maccabi’s quinquennial Hall of Fame induction is well and truly on, with the calendar highlight set to take place on December 12. With that in mind, it seems poignant to review the outstanding members of our community whose names will be added to an already impressive list of Maccabi NSW legends.

This week, we profile Danny Hakim – a two-time world Karate silver medalist, the Founder of Budo for Peace and chairman of Kids Kicking Cancer Israel.

Native to Sydney, Hakim grew up in Maroubra and began his Karate career in 1972 aged 13. By age 17, he had already achieved a black belt and just four years later he founded the Hakoah Karate Club – which continues to function today.

Danny received his seventh degree black belt from legendary Master Hirokazu Kanazawa in 2012. During his 43-year Karate career, Danny has represented and won medals for Australia, Japan and Israel in International Karate Championships. He now serves as the Chief Instructor of the Shotokan Karate-Do International Federation in Israel.

Hakim’s Budo for Peace was founded in 2004 and helps use Budo (traditional martial arts) to promote social cohesiveness by bridging divides between individuals and groups while empowering children at risk, women and migrant communities, especially Ethiopians in absorption centers and the mentally and physically challenged. 

The black belt is also a board member of Maccabi World Union and The institute for Youth Leaders from Abroad Alumni.

Danny’s belief in social change is evident not only in his passion for martial arts but also his interest in film-making. His international award-winning documentary, Shadya, the true story of an Israeli Arab female karate champion, was screened on SBS and endorsed by the PBS network for their educational women’s empowerment series.

He currently lives in Raanana, Israel with his wife and two daughters.

His long list of achievements clearly merits his place in a growing list of Maccabi NSW legends – be there on December 12 to watch Danny Hakim be inducted into the Maccabi NSW Hall of Fame.

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