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NSW Open and NSW Handicap Open results

Posted: 26-Oct-2011 by Maccabi NSW

- By Leanne Shelton

On Sunday 23rd October, 23 tenpin bowlers headed to Tenpin City at Lidcombe for the Maccabi NSW Open and NSW Handicap Open Tournaments.

The challenge? To bowl eight games on a Sunday morning, using the same lane oil pattern used by tenpin bowlers at a National level.

Seventeen men and seven women participated, including Maccabi bowlers from Randwick and Lidcombe centres as well as Jewish bowlers from across NSW.

At the end of the eight games, the winners of the NSW Handicap Open were announced.

Congratulations to Naomi Baram (1659 pins including Handicap) and Guy Wassershtrom (1724 pins including Handicap) for taking first place in the women’s and men’s divisions respectively. Naomi and Guy bowl at Randwick on Sunday nights and for both of them it was their first time winning this tournament.

And in the In terms of the NSW Open, things didn’t end after eight games for the top two qualifiers in the women’s and men’s divisions. To find out the ultimate winner, Kerri Schwartz vs. Debbie Sachs and Joel Ninyo vs. Paul Gold for two additional games.

While it was very close, the final winners were Debbie Sachs (376 pins) and Paul Gold (426 pins). Mazel tov!

It was a particularly sweet victory for Paul as it was his 25th birthday. What a great birthday present! It was also a fantastic achievement by Debbie – it was the 10th time she had won the perpetual trophy.

Special recognition goes to Morrie Lewis, who, at 78 years young, not only participated in the tournament but also bowled all eight games over average. This achievement was unmatched by anyone else partaking in the tournament. Morrie then returned to bowling later that evening for his usual Sunday night league at Lidcombe, bowling another three games over average. As one of Maccabi NSW Tenpin veterans, this was an inspirational achievement, especially to younger bowlers. Well done, Morrie!

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Pictures: Naomi Baram and Guy Wassershtrom (winners of the NSW Handicap Open) and Debbie Sachs and Paul Gold (winners of the NSW Open).

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