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Message to Maccabiah Team from Danny Hochberg

Posted: 30-Jun-2017 by Maccabi NSW

On behalf of the Board, Clubs and members of Maccabi NSW, I wish to take the opportunity to wish our Maccabiah team a safe and successful Maccabiah.

On July 4th 2017 you will enter the stadium in Jerusalem to participate in the 20th Maccabiah. Not only will you be a part of a history that stretches back to 1932, but also you will do so as a member of Maccabi. You will experience first-hand that you are not alone, but a part of a worldwide youth and sports organization devoted to furthering Jewish identity and traditions through cultural, social, and educational activities.

You will also have the opportunity to do something that very few of your contemporaries will ever experience, and that is to represent your country, and also our Jewish community, in an international sports tournament. This experience is unique to Maccabi as an organisation, and you should be as proud to achieve this, as we are to be able to give you this opportunity.

Many of you will have commenced your sporting careers with us at the tender age of 6 years. Over the years you will have matured as athletes, whilst building strong social bonds with teammates as well as a sense of purpose in representing your community. The values you have learnt, and the responsibility of representing our Jewish Community will be your guide in how you conduct yourself at the Maccabiah.

Selection alone makes you a winner as you will have “two weeks to experience and a lifetime to remember.” For many of you, the Maccabiah may be your most significant connection to the State of Israel and for some, Judaism itself. Immersed in high-level competition, connecting with Jewish contemporaries from the far reaches of the world, in the land of Israel, we hope you will be inspired, both to achieve to your best, and to enjoy the experience.

I hope that you have the best Maccabiah, and that you return, not only with medals, but with renewed energy and commitment to participate in Maccabi in Australia. We will eagerly await your return, to hear your stories, celebrate your experiences, and soak up your passion.

Good Luck-B’Hatzlachah!

Danny Hochberg



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