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A fun-filled first MegaCamp for 2017

Posted: 24-Apr-2017 by Maccabi NSW

A fun-filled first MegaCamp for 2017!

The first MegaCamp for 2017 took place last week and was an amazing 3 days for our over 80 participants! It was great to see past ‘MegaCamp veterans’ (as the Youth Leader’s call them) come back, and some smiling new faces.

We we’re lucky enough to have experienced coaches available to take the sports sessions over all the three days. A big big thank you to Bonsey and Bradley Karpin who took the football, Michael Klein who ran basketball, and Hannah Vasin, Issy Simantov and Tayla Cohen who ran some great Netball sessions. Thanks guys!

Our participants also got to enjoy the always popular laser tag on Wednesday afternoon, an excursion to SkyZone on Thursday morning, and finished camp by either learning the basics of Krav Maga or doing a Zumba class! A big thank you to Jesse and Jessie who took an amazing Krav Maga class, and Gina Buber who took a fantastic Zumba Class!

Thanks to all the kids who came to MegaCamp, and their parents, and for making it so great. An even bigger thanks to our Youth Leaders; Rami Tal, Jodie Rosenberg, Tayla Cohen, Issy Simantov, Dan Engelman and Hannah Vasin. Also a special thanks to our Year 10 & 11 Volunteers; Mia Shapiro, Eden Rosen, Joel Engelman and Brad Lorge, who all learned great leadership skills on camp!

The next MegaCamp will take place in September. Check the MegaCamp site closer to the time for all registration info!

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