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MacPlan 17 deemed a success as clubs and board meet to plan for the year ahead

Posted: 13-Feb-2017 by Maccabi NSW

It’s going to be a big year at Maccabi NSW.

Board members, professional staff and club representatives met at the Cosmopolitan in Double Bay on Sunday 12th February to plan what is primed to be a busy albeit productive year at the organisation.

A broad range of topics and focus areas were the subject of intense discussion as representative members from the boards of each of the Maccabi clubs helped debate and define the key priorities for Maccabi NSW in 2017.

Strategy, compliance, leadership, marketing and communications, schools and all-abilities were all on the agenda, as attendees heard from Maccabi NSW president Danny Hochberg and Maccabi Australia president Barry Smorgon, before breaking off into smaller groups to brainstorm changes on a club level and how they relate in a broader Maccabi context.

The event, known as MacPlan, has been running for a number of years, however the consensus suggests that the 2017 edition of the summit has been deemed one of the most successful and well attended since its inception.

Expect to see the results of the event gradually throughout the year as each of these priorities are addressed at a club and state level as Maccabi looks to grow even stronger in 2017.

A big thank you goes to all those who attended the event and we look forward to seeing the progress it creates throughout another massive year at Maccabi New South Wales.

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