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Hakoah's Development Application Approved

Posted: 17-Dec-2015 by Maccabi NSW

The Board of Hakoah is delighted to announce that its Development Application for the redevelopment of White City, lodged on 2 September 2015, was unanimously approved by the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) on 15 December 2015. 

The JRPP is a government appointed body tasked with independently assessing Development Applications such as Hakoah's. It comprised a former Senior Commissioner of the Land & Environment Court as its Chair, a Town Planner and two Woollahra Councillors, including the Mayor of Woollahra. 

It was the task of Woollahra Council planning and development staff to comprehensively assess Hakoah's DA and prepare a report and recommendation to the JRPP. 

The Council staff assessment report to the JRPP recommended approval of the DA and on 14 December Full Council voted overwhelmingly to support approval of the DA.
The JRPP in its decision stated that it considered Hakoah's DA to be a well considered Application which will provide sporting facilities currently missing in the Woollahra local government area.

The DA as lodged and approved is a Stage 1 concept development for building envelopes and indicative multiple sporting and recreational uses of White City and registered club facilities including a Heritage Interpretation Strategy. 

The DA approval is a watershed moment in the redevelopment of White City. The approval of the building envelopes and proposed uses on the site is a significant step along the road to the building of the proposed facilities. 

Hakoah's detailed Heritage Interpretation Strategy, with additions, has been accepted and approved as an appropriate recognition of the heritage significance of White City, so as to allow development to take place. 

It has been a complex and very involved process which has required an outstanding collaborative team effort and exceptional dedication, hard work and perseverance, and belief in the Board's concept and plan.

The Board would like to extend its appreciation to the many people involved in this project and who have been instrumental in achieving this outcome. Special mention of thanks and appreciation to: 
•    The Development Committee and in particular its Co-Chairmen, Phillip Wolanski AM and Allen Linz
•    Our Architects, Michael Mandl, Daisuke Jepsen and Christian Harrup of Group GSA 
•    Town Planner Aaron Sutherland of Sutherland & Assoc.
•    Our Heritage Consultant, Stephen Davies of Urbis
•    PAYCE, our initial Project Managers 
•    All the numerous and varied consultants who have made an invaluable and critical contribution. 

The Board also thanks our Life Patron, Frank Lowy AC and Steven Lowy AM for the benefit of their experience and wise counsel along the journey. 
The Board also wishes to especially acknowledge and thank Woollahra Council’s planning staff and Councillors for supporting the DA, their guidance and hard work and for recognising the widespread benefits of the proposed facilities. It has been a productive co-operative process and Hakoah looks forward to this continuing into the future. 

This approval represents a significant step, but as significant as the DA approval is, it is however but one step in a continuing complex and detailed process required to achieve our vision to provide unique sporting, recreational, social and cultural facilities at White City. This approval however, allows us to go forward with confidence and renewed vigour to achieve this goal. 

Members can be assured that the Board and Development Committee will continue to do everything possible to advance this process with due consideration and in as timely a manner as possible to achieve the realisation and implementation of the vision of such a vitally needed sporting and community centre. Hakoah is very grateful for our community’s widespread support in this endeavour. 

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