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Meet the 2016 Maccabi NSW Board - Glenn Miller (Information Technology)

Posted: 16-Dec-2015 by Maccabi NSW

WE welcome Glenn Miller to the Maccabi NSW Board - who will be responsible for the digital marketing for Maccabi NSW. 

What is your portfolio and what does it involve?
My Portfolio is IT - Information Technology. 
My passion and Profession revolve around Digital Marketing and Web development. In a world so fundamentally and digitally connected I plan to ensure that Maccabi’s Digital future is in order. I plan to do this by contributing my IT and Digital Marketing professional skills in order to assist wherever and however possible in the refinement and alignment of Maccabi NSW, with the current demands and expectations of it’s members, affiliated clubs and associations and stakeholders.

What has been your involvement in Maccabi over the years? Is your family involved?
As an active sportsman, father with children as Maccabi Members and as a contributing member of the Australian Jewish Community,  I’ve always appreciated the fundamental role sport plays in shaping the lives of it’s participants and the power it has under all circumstances of bringing together the community. This, together with my involvement in the JCA's Observorship program, sewed the seeds for my involvement in Maccabi.

What has been one of your most memorable Maccabi experiences?
In my short involvement with Maccabi NSW, my most memorable experience has been the recent 90th Gala.

What are your hopes for the future of Maccabi?
My hopes for the future of Maccabi are to see its membership grow and expand, to see the quality and calibre of the organisation as a whole lift to new heights and set new standards and achievements as an organisation, for both jewish and no jewish organisation and associations alike, to follow, admire and aspire towards, as a benchmark.

Finish this sentence – “Without Maccabi…”
“Without Maccabi, our community’s personality and spirit (ruach) would be filled with emptiness."

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