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Maccabi Carnival Leadership Weekend

Posted: 10-Dec-2015 by Maccabi NSW

By David Cohen

Last weekend, Sydney hosted a leadership conference aimed at developing leadership and communication skills, as well as some much needed group bonding time prior to Junior Carnival.

It was a very successful weekend, with leaders and team management flying from Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth to attend this conference.

Leaders and team management participated in sessions aimed at challenging how the leaders communicate with each other and with our Junior Carnival participants, and various group bonding activities including a challenging problem solving task using non-verbal communication only.

A highlight of the first day was a session that encouraged our leaders and team management to identify what their primary and secondary preferred team roles are. Some of the primary team roles included team workers, coordinators and ideas-focused. 

The second day of the conference was centred on understanding the logistics of Junior Carnival that included various presentations from Junior Carnival organizing committee members. Some of these presentations included social events, sporting events, adventure day, marketing and community day. The leaders and team management had a very interesting session run by CSG on vigilance, safety and security of our Junior Carnival participants.

The weekend was well received by all that attended and has been a great initiative backed by the Maccabi Australia Board.

I would like to thank all youth leaders and team management that were involved throughout the weekend as their participation was essential for a successful leadership conference. A big thank you to Lauren Ehrlich, Ellana Aarons and the Maccabi Australia Board with without their inspiration this weekend would not have taken place.

Lastly, thank you to Justin Shelton and Danny Hochberg for encouraging this conference to take place and evolving the leadership development within Maccabi.

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