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Meet the 2016 Maccabi NSW Board - Garron Forman (School Liaison)

Posted: 10-Dec-2015 by Maccabi NSW

Garron Forman - Maccabi NSW School Liaison

Garron’s love and determination for rugby saw him being selected to represent his province at under 20 level. In 1993 he was selected to represent South Africa at the Maccabi games in Israel.  

1997 was an extremely exciting year for Garron. He was selected to lead the South African Maccabi Rugby Team to Israel. The team cam second, losing to USA in the dying minutes of the game. Garron also decided to leave South Africa and spend a few years teaching and travelling around Europe.  He taught in a small Jewish School in Hackney, London for almost a year.

After a year and a half of wonderful experiences, Garron arrived in Sydney to take up his post as a Year Four teacher at Mount Sinai College. 

At Mount Sinai he has taught years 4-6 and he has been very involved with the sporting program at the College. Garron was elected as President of ASISSA (All Suburbs Independent Schools Sports Association) in early 2002.  Under his presidency, ASISSA has grown to become the second largest Primary Independent School association. 
Garron was appointed as Deputy Principal at Mount Sinai at the end of 2002.

"My love of sport, education and teaching continues to grow with each class I take.  Each year is a challenge, often trying, but always enjoyable. I always endeavour to encourage and bring out the best in all the children I teach.”

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