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Eliza and Ryan win inaugural award

Posted: 27-Nov-2015 by Maccabi NSW

Pictured: Eliza Woods and Ryan Blumberg with Faye York

CONGRATULATIONS to the inaugural winners of the Maccabi NSW/York Family Award at Moriah College, Eliza Woods and Ryan Blumberg.

"Your sporting achievements in the 2015 year are amazing," says Tom York. "You obviously have the talent and dedication to became champions in your sport."

Eliza Woods is a strong distance runner, coming third at the Combined Independent Schools’ Championships.

Ryan Blumberg made the training squad for the Western Sydney Wanderers A League Squad and also the Australian League Football! He was a prominent figure at the Combined Independent Schools’ Football Championships and was a key player who helped Moriah College take home the Cup for the first time.

Mazel tov to you both! Stay tuned for more awards in the upcoming weeks.

Pictured: Eliza Woods and Ryan Blumberg with Faye York

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