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Exciting Changes for Maccabi Carnival Leadership

Posted: 23-Oct-2015 by Maccabi NSW

Maccabi Junior Carnival's leadership is currently going through an exciting re-structure to ensure that the week-long event provides the best possible experience - for both participants and the leaders. 

Leaders from all around the country and New Zealand will undergo the same leadership training to create consistency and establish a finely tuned machine, ready for when Sydney 2016 Junior Carnival starts in January.

David Jon Cohen is the new Leadership Team Coordinator and training is currently in progress for the Sydney 2016 Leadership Team. Find out more about David and the new Junior Carnival Leadership program below.

"Junior Carnival's leadership structure has been in need of a reorganisation for the past few years to provide a better experience for participants and to provide an opportunity for our younger leaders to learn from our more experienced leaders. For the participants, they won't even notice that there has been a change, however, for our leadership team we are encouraging our younger leaders to take a more active role in developing connections with our participants on a day to day aspect of Junior carnival. For our more senior leaders to we are encouraging them to take more responsibility in terms of logistics, leadership team welfare and most importantly mentoring our younger leaders. For Junior Carnival management, the link between the leadership team and the management team is crucial and thats where the new role of Leadership Team Coordinator will form the link between the two teams.

In previous Junior Carnival's, Youth Leaders have been in charge of their own state teams. This previous model simply was not working as Youth Leaders from around the country were thrown together at Junior Carnival and expected to work as a finely tuned machine from start to finish. In order to unify all our Youth Leaders a few things had to change. As the Junior Carnival Leadership Team we needed to identify our younger leaders from our more experienced leaders in order to provide mentorship for our younger leaders, and establish that all leaders are one team and not just expected to lead beyond their experience and skills.

Over the next three weeks, I will be facilitating a Leadership Seminar for all leaders from Western Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. These Leadership Seminars are the first interaction the leadership team has to Junior Carnival, setting our goals and expectations. The Leadership Seminar will allow our leaders to provide us with feedback regarding their strengths and weaknesses, their leadership styles and what they require in terms of mentorship and guidance.

At the seminar we will be discussing the roles, responsibilities and expectations of the Leadership Team, Leadership Team Coordinator and the Management Team. In addition, we have been running a leadership program focusing on the question "what attributes make a great leader?" At the Melbourne seminar last weekend the team came up with their top 5 attributes - Respect, Communication, Teamwork, Adaptability and Inspiration - so it will be interesting to see what the Sydney and Perth seminar's leaders come up with.

I believe that our leaders will be better equipped to handle Junior Carnival  but most importantly be able to provide our participants with one of the best experiences in their lives. This training will not only put our leaders in a good position for Junior Carnival but also will allow our leaders to go back to their clubs and assist with mentoring, coaching and managing their teams and other members.

So far the feedback has been very positive, with the seminars going from strength to strength. The overall aim of these seminars is to get feedback regarding what we as an organisation are doing well in terms of leadership development and what we can do to improve moving forward. There have been a lot of healthy discussions and I am looking forward to continuing these discussions this weekend at the Sydney seminar and next weekend at the Perth seminar.

The next step in the leadership training process for Junior Carnival is our Leadership Conference held in Sydney at the start of December. We will be hosting all our leaders and team managers for a 2-day conference, with the focus of the conference on developing our leaders skills in communication, welfare management, leadership and foster our team dynamics with various team bonding experiences. The second day of this conference will provide our leadership teams and management teams a forum to understand the day to day schedule of Junior Carnival.

So what's my past experience?

For the best part of the last decade I have been involved in Hineni, a youth movement that is closely linked to The Central Synagogue, running and leading various summer and winter camps as well as holding portfolio positions on the state executive and facilitating leadership development programs.

Over the past two years, I have been fortunate enough to lead the AUJS Academy Program taking school leavers to Israel for 6 weeks and guiding them through, for most, their first Israeli experience.

In terms of Maccabi, I have been involved in the organisation since I was 5 competing in almost all sports including swimming, cricket, tennis, touch football, football and most recently mixed netball. I currently sit on the Maccabi Swimming Club and Maccabi Touch Football Club committee's as well as provide coaching for our aspiring Maccabi swimmers. Along with Joel Weiner, Michael Puterflam and Danny Hochberg founded the Maccabi Youth Committee in 2013 and assisted in the training and mentorship of our leaders.

Professionally, when I am not busy with my Maccabi commitments, I work as a clinical physiotherapist at UprightCare where I treat patients on a daily basis and run courses related to posture and injury prevention."

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