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90 Years of Maccabi - Meet Louis Platus

Posted: 08-Oct-2015 by Maccabi NSW

Louis Platus receiving a JCA Award in 2014

This week, we're featuring Maccabi stalwart, Louis Platus - a very well-known name to the Maccabi family!

By Louis Platus

"I have been involved with 39 Senior Carnivals over the years and have enjoyed these experiences throughout my life from the age of 16 years.
The competitive sport and the friendships I have made have been absolutely fulfilling and enjoyable.

I have also been involved with organising and participating in interstate bowls carnivals annually over the past 16 years.   These carnivals have been held in N.S.W. Gold Coast, Victoria, S.A. and W.A. and have been a tremendous success both socially and competitively and the standard of play has been outstanding.

Being a competitor has always been a highlight but working behind the scenes has given me great pleasure to see hundreds of jewish people come together through sport.

I have so many memories of Carnival but one outstanding memory is playing cricket at the Wacca in Perth.

I have made so many lifelong friendships around the world and I can go to nearly any country in the Jewish world and be hosted by Maccabi friends.

My hopes for Maccabi in the future are that the focus will again come back to competitive sport at all levels and give our members the opportunity to make friends through sport here in Australia and around the world.  I am also proud to see the younger generation giving back to the organisation by being involved with administration which has given them so much joy and pleasure in their own lives.
I am now personally involved as president of Maccabi lawn bowls and enjoying the activity and pleasure being created in this club.

Without Maccabi I would have a lot more spare time and I hope that this will never happen as I want to see Maccabi grow from strength to strength in the future and I personally get great fulfillment in the success of the organisation."

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