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90 Years of Maccabi - Meet Greg Einfeld

Posted: 01-Oct-2015 by Maccabi NSW

To continue our 90th anniversary stories, this week we're featuring six-time Senior Carnival and four-time Junior Carnival participant, Greg Einfeld!

How many Senior Carnivals did you attend? 6

What was your best Carnival experience? There were so many its hard to pick. Probably winning the cricket final in Adelaide in 1998. Victoria led on first innings and NSW made a remarkable comeback to win outright. Some interesting trivia - in the last twp carnivals where cricket was played, NSW won both finals outright which was most unusual.

What sports did you participate in? Cricket, Indoor Cricket, Touch Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Mixed Netball. And in Junior Carnival, I also played Tee ball, Baseball and Table Tennis.

Have you participated in any Junior Carnivals? I participated in 4 Junior Carnivals 

 Have you made any lifelong friendships from Carnival or Maccabi events since?  Of course - I met many of my closest friends through Maccabi and carnivals!

How have you stayed involved with Maccabi over the years? Gala dinners and supporting fundraising activities.

Do you have kids involved with Maccabi today? If yes, which sports?  Not yet, give them a few more years….

Anything else that you’d like to add about the Carnival and/or Maccabi experiences you’ve had over the years?  Sport and Carnivals have been a wonderful way of building our community. It would be great if Senior Carnivals could be revitalised in some way.

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