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Gefilte Fish Swim School

Posted: 03-Sep-2015 by Maccabi NSW

By Michael Rifkin

WE are very excited to introduce ourselves as a new, vibrant and cutting edge swim school located in the Northern suburbs.

Our swimming programmes cater to a range of abilities, with the age of our students starting at just six months old and continuing until we are satisfied that they demonstrate competent swimming abilities. We are passionate about our goals to maximise the swimming skills in each of your children, provide them with invaluable life skills, and most importantly improving their safety in the water. 

Our swim school is dedicated to providing the best and most suitable coaches for your children. We pride ourselves on the friendly, charismatic and motivating nature of our coaches, who not only are determined to teach your children with the utmost of care, but are passionate about giving back to the community.

Location: Sir Eric Woodward School, 75 Ayres Rd (Corner of Ayres and Acron Rd), St Ives, NSW, 2075

Swim lessons offered on:
Wednesdays - Between 3pm-5pm
Sundays - Between 8am-11am
(With more days available as swim school grows)

For more information, please contact Michael Rifkin

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