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Posted: 28-Jul-2011 by Maccabi NSW


What a year for Maccabi Hakoah futsal. First the Super League minor premiership. Then the New Zealand national championship. Then the European Maccabi Games crown in Vienna.

Just for good measure, add the inaugural F-League crown to the shopping list, and if there were any doubts about the side’s credentials in Australia, there aren’t now.

They are the national champions.

“It’s a dream really,” said team captain Doron Pozniak.

“You can always imagine yourself winning titles, but you couldn’t have ever imagined what we’ve accomplished could have happened.

“Our coach Steve Knight needs a special mention ... He was a secret weapon.

“In the end, we’ve done it with such a young bunch of boys, who are all top blokes. I couldn’t say a nicer word about them. It’s a credit to all of them.”

When you throw in a win over Manchester futsal – who went on to win the English futsal equivalent of the FA Cup - before their trip to Vienna, there’s not much more this team could’ve accomplished this season.

Futsal club president Gareth Naar, who says that some people at Football NSW have dubbed this side as the most successful “round ball” team playing in Australia at the moment, pays tribute to the “winning culture” brought to the club by Knight, who is also the Australia national coach.

“We’re speechless,” Gareth said.

“From a player’s point of view, every time you enter something you want to win. But at Maccabi football and Maccabi futsal, we’ve found it hard to win trophies.

“The winning ethos wasn’t there.

“Hakoah YDL are getting there and hats off to them for doing a great job.

“We knew as a club, we needed to concentrate on a team – the mens. Once we brought in Steve Knight after (Maccabiah 2009), things started to take a turn.

“The boys have worked tirelessly to dedicate themselves to the club.

“They’ve put in the hard work and reaped the rewards.”

And now that success has come at the top level, Naar knows exactly what must come next for the club.

“We are really concentrating on juniors this year,” he told Maccabi News.

“The kids have something to aspire to.

“Every successful sporting club has a path to success.

“Now we have a Men’s team that have set the bar and the juniors have somewhere to go.”

The squad will enjoy its first break from training in a long time, before turning its attention to the 2011-2012 Summer Super League campaign.

Trials are coming up shortly and if you want to be a part of this club, check out the trial schedule here if you want to push for a spot this summer

As the club celebrates these achievments, it's also a perfect opportunity to pay tribute to former club president John Myers, who hung up his boots - and goalkeeping gloves - and announced his retirement after winning the gold medal in Vienna.

A lot of the achievments we are now celebrating might not have been possible but for his vision, passion and drive.

"Besides being one of the best goalkeepers in Australia, John Myers is an asset to Maccabi Hakoah futsal and Maccabi throughout Australia," Gareth said of his predecessor. "He is the reason we have achieved what we have!"

Crafty veteran Doron Pozniak added: "There are no words to describe the guy.

"Founder of the club. If not for him, nothing we’ve achieved would’ve been possible. He's such a generous guy.

"Everything he’s done for the club, as well as myself, I’ll always be grateful for. Also the best keeper I’ve ever played with!"

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