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Ryan's selection for the NSW Schoolboys Team in Football

Posted: 24-Jun-2015 by Maccabi NSW

Mazel tov to Ryan Blumberg for his recent selection into the NSW Schoolboys Team in Football. We are proud to say that he was a Maccabi kid!

Editor of Maccabi NSW News, Leanne Shelton, interviewed Ryan this week about this fantastic achievement.

Mazel tov on being selected for the NSW Schoolboys team! What was involved in the selection process?
Thank you very much! The selection process was very tough with thousands of players around the state competing for a spot in the state team. First, I was selected for CDSSA, then AICES, then CIS and then the NSW school boys teams. Each step involved playing in a tournament against other school associations. In each of the tournaments, there were several teams and at the end of each tournament a team was chosen to compete at the next level.

What does this selection mean to you?
This selection means a lot to me as it is the strongest team I have played with, featuring Australian u20’s players and a majority of Youth A league players in the team. I’m very excited to train and play with the team before the Pacific school games in Adelaide in November.

How much training is involved?
The training mainly consists of games where we will be playing all of the NSW Youth A League teams in trial matches. As the competition is in November, we have lots of time to train in preparation for the tournament.

What sort of calibre of teams and individual players will you be versing?
The teams that we will be playing are from other states around Australia as well as several countries from around the Pacific. The players will be of high quality, many coming from Youth A league teams from their respective states, plus national school teams from other Pacific countries. 

Could you please give a brief overview of your past football experience? What has been your proudest achievement to date?
In the past years, I have spent most of my time with APIA Leichardt as well as Football Mundial and Hakoah. I was also a member of the Australian U16 team that went to Maccabiah in Israel in 2013. Making the NSW schoolboys team is one of my best achievements to date but besides that, travelling with the Apia u20’s squad to Italy to play in the Viareggio cup in January this year was an amazing experience and something which made me grow as a footballer.

What was your involved with Maccabi growing up?
As a young kid I always played for Maccabi spanning from u6 – u10. Maccabi was a great club for me as I was playing with my friends, having lots of fun whilst simultaneously growing as a footballer, under the guidance of some good coaches. 

Any advice for young football players?
My advice for any young footballers would be to keep working hard, doing lots of hard work off the football field, constantly trying to make himself or herself a better player and always remember to enjoy playing.

On behalf of Maccabi NSW, we wish Ryan all the best for his football career in the future!


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