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Message from the President - Show your support for JCA

Posted: 10-Jun-2015 by Maccabi NSW

“I am constantly overestimating and underestimating the human race - that rarely do I ever simply estimate it.” 
? Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

This year’s JCA Communal function will feature guest speaker, Markus Zusak, author of The Book Thief. It starts as the story of a normal German family caught up in the events of World War II. The family go from ordinary to extraordinary when they choose to harbour a Jew who is hiding from the Nazis. It is a wonderful story filled with equal doses of beauty and pain.

It reminds me of our own community, filled as we are with “equal doses of beauty and pain”. A community filled with amazing institutions such as our schools, the Monti, the Jewish Museum and organisations such as Jewish Care, Jewish Board of Deputies, NCJW, our own Maccabi, and many more. That is the beauty.

The pain is also there in our community. The challenges that we face from the rise in anti-semitism, the high cost of a Jewish education; the ageing of our community; increasing inter-marriage rates.

We have in JCA an organisation that is unique in the Jewish world. It fundraises on behalf of all our community. It allocates those funds based on communal priorities. It invests in nurturing Jewish leadership and plans for our future through analysis and research. Its reach is to every household in our community. They are there for the good times and the bad. And yet, so many of us do not regularly support their fundraising campaigns.

Maccabi has over the last few years become an increasing recipient of JCA support. The motivation behind this is the belief that Maccabi has become a front-line organisation in dealing with issues such as outreach to Jewish kids not in the Jewish School system and in engaging our youth, particularly the vulnerable 18-35 year age group, and ensuring they remain a part of our community. Through Maccabi Youth we are working to develop the Jewish leaders of the future, and through our clubs we are bringing a Jewish Social Club flavour to our sportspeople. We wish to continue to develop these programs. To do so, we need the support of you, through the JCA.
My plea to you, is to support the JCA. If you have never given before, GIVE NOW!

Start with Chai. Next year it can be twice Chai. If you are a current giver, thank you. Hopefully you are in a position to give more. Maccabi will host tables at the JCA East Function on Sunday 14th June at 5.30pm in the evening. You are welcome to join us to hear Markus Zusak as our guest. If you wish to do so, contact Mick Vasin: or 0413 626 364.

Please give. Our Community depends on it!

Danny Hochberg
President, Maccabi NSW

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