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East and Northside basketball clash in inaugural 'America's Cup'

Posted: 20-Jul-2011 by Maccabi NSW


Words: Marissa Ely. Photos: Cathy Ninio

With the event organised in less than 2 weeks Club President Michael America was in full praise of both Clubs tenacity and aggression on the court and with the main aim of the challenge to help increase the numbers on both sides of the bridge. Maccabi NSW Basketball Club won all 3 games to win the America's Cup Challenge.

In the first half of the morning the Open Women's took the court with the game being won by the Eastside Girls 63-57. The Northside girls took charge of the court ( Betty Velevski and Jessica Buhne early in the piece with their fast breaks and open shots, but club stalwarts Jaimee Cohen and Ksenia Khersontseva were strong underneath the ring. Ksenia top scored with 30 points and was a hassle for the Northside Girls. Sasha Wrublewski was aggressive on the defensive end and definitely showed the traits of her late father Michael.

The Eastside Green then took on Northside Green in a fantastic match, alot closer than what the score provides. Brothers Zac and Josh Ehrenfeld ignited their team in the first half with 3 pointers and jump shots alike. From the Northside Boys Joshua Jesse and David Mair did most of their shooting but it was the defensive efforts of the Eastside boys which was remarkable. Elan Nussinov, Keyan Kramer and Joel Moss defended well and racked up some fouls with the end result 43-25.

Eastside's Premier League boys took on Northside's Div 1 team and there was definitely a point to prove from the outset of this game. Simon Platt, Barry Dubovsky and Shaun Greenblo had the hots hands but their defensive efforts was what helped them secure their win. Josh Cohen penetrated the ball well inside to Rob Hart however the Northside boys Adam Hyman and Dave Robuck were impressive and their defense just didnt seem to work for them with Brad Rogers nearly fouling out and Club President Yoel Hyman trying his best to narrow the score however the Eastside boys went our winners 84-48.

The Sydney Kings players Anatoly Bose and Graeme Dann came along to present the cup and enjoyed a free throw competition with the Juniors that attended.

Th Club ensures that the next one that is held will involve more players and perhaps have a Maccabi Basketball reunion too. Stay tuned.

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