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Maccabi NSW appoints Youth Officer

Posted: 02-Jun-2011 by Maccabi NSW

Maccabi NSW’s jump into the world of Facebook is not a random leap by any means.

While Maccabi News is accessed by a database of 4,000 current and former Maccabi NSW members every week, a large portion of the readers are the parents of the thousands of kids running around in Maccabi jerseys.

We want those at school and university to know about our events, clubs, sporting successes and what a great and proud community they are a part of.

It’s also the first step as Maccabi NSW looks at consolidating the future of the organisation.

While we’ve always had events and sports that cater for young and old, the executive felt it was time to look at how the organisation can continue to engage the younger members of our community, while continuing to inspire them to choose Maccabi as their sporting club of choice.

As we look to take the organisation to a new level, re-generation is part of that, as younger heads are encouraged to contribute and help the organisation evolve in an administrative sense.

With this in mind, the Maccabi NSW executive appointed Joel Weiner two months ago as their inaugural Youth Officer.

A former head of the Hineni youth movement, Joel, 21, will be responsible for bridging the gap between the old and the new, while creating projects to enliven the Maccabi calendar.

“It’s also about finding Maccabi’s next generation of leaders and inspiring them to be active in their clubs," Joel says.

"There’s a fantastic opportunity to really focus on the youth of Maccabi. We have wide resources and a lot of sports to work with, so it gives me a huge challenge which I'm very excited to do."

"I’m also really excited to look at what Maccabi can provide to those who may not usually compete week to week, but who love sport and play with their mates at the park. There's a huge market that we can tap into there.”

Some of the areas under his leadership include:
• Marketing the Israel Leadership Program to year 12 students and integrating participants back into the fold once they return.
• Holiday camps for primary school kids.
• Social sport for those not directly involved with competitive Maccabi sides or for those wanting to try their hand at other sports.
• Promotion and keeping in touch with school and university age members through administering Facebook and Maccabi’s new website.
• Consolidating Maccabi’s relationship with Jewish day schools.
• Integrating younger participants into administration.

Maccabi NSW president Ruth Nissim is excited by the appointment. “While young in age, Joel Weiner has a wealth of experience through his involvement with Hineni and the youth movements,” she said. “Maccabi NSW is excited to have Joel on our team.

“His enthusiasm and energy will enable him to work with our clubs to connect their young members and the community at large.”

As for the Facebook page, he says: “The dream is for our Facebook page to have everyone in our community on the same page. Every team, every age and every club. It’s a great way to connect the Maccabi community”.

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