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Amy Meyer tackles Judo at the Commonwealth Games

Posted: 23-Jul-2014 by Maccabi NSW

By Leanne Shelton

Good luck to 22 year old Amy Meyer who is making her international debut for Australia at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow this week. Competing in the Under-48kg division for Judo, Amy is very excited to be representing her country in a sport that she loves.

Leanne Shelton caught up with Amy last week while she was training in Walsall, England.

Did you have to qualify for the Commonwealth Games by competing in another competition?
“There are many competitions in the year that you have to compete in, in order to qualify for the Commonwealth Games.  Women need to have a world ranking of less than 60 at the time of selection in order to qualify. This involves competing in a number of international events and attaining a result in order to get points on the world ranking list. In addition to this, you also need points on the national ranking list, which means competing in every domestic competition possible in order to get the highest number of points on the national ranking list.” 

How did you feel when you found out that you were heading to the Commonwealth Games?
“It was unbelievable!  I was actually driving at the time I received the email, so I pulled over to read it and immediately started crying. I called my mum straight away to share the good news, but at the time it was just so surreal to find out I was going to be representing my country in the sport I love at the Commonwealth Games.”

Where in the world are you currently and what type of training are you involved in?
“At the moment I am in Walsall, England training at Wolverhampton University. This is our final preparation stage before heading off the village in Glasgow. We are training 2-3 times a day here, which is a mixture of judo and conditioning. Prior to this the team spent the week in Castelldefeds, Spain for one of the biggest European training camps.”

What’s your weekly training schedule like?
“I normally train 6-7 days a week and I train at least twice most days. This includes judo training from Monday to Friday and weights and conditioning on top of that. “

What advice do you have for any young athletes hoping to compete at the Commonwealth Games?
“At the start of this Commonwealth Games campaign there was very little hope of me being able to qualify.  I just kept going to every single competition that I could and training as hard as I could. So my advice to people is never stop working for what you want because if you miss out this time, you are already one step closer to making it next time. “ 

Stay tuned for updates regarding Amy's progress at the Games!



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